Saree Draping

Traditional Style Saree Draping

Maharashtrian Saree Draping: It is one of the most beloved styles of saree draping, that has not only been showcased in popular Indian cinemas but also has made its mark in Indian fashion. It is often called “Nauvari Saree Drape, which highlights curvaceous figures, allows room to walk fast, and work with ease. The Maharashtrians saree style can also be wom both with and without a petticoat and for a classic look, you can wear the blouse of the Khun fabric from Belgaum.

Marwadi Saree Draping: The Marwadi style of saree draping is also called the Rajasthani style. This style is often worn with bright colors and air fabrics such as red or yellow. This type of draping is usually good for summer. The Marwadi-style draping is best for any traditional folk festival.

Gujarati Saree Draping: One of the most popular saree draping styles is of Gujarat. The Gujarati style is worn by the pallu being pulled over the shoulder spreading to the front, while the ends of the saree are carefully hidden on the sides. The Gujarati style is often chosen for Garba nights, through which you can play the Garba with vigour and energy. This saree style also provides the women an advantage to show off their jewellery in full essence. The Gujarati saree draping style is lovingly organized and provides a sense of tradition.

South-Indian Saree Draping: The South-Indian style saree draping often opts for special occasions like weddings and Receptions. This style consists of pleats in the front and is best to showcase your jewelry. Different states of South India have different style of saree draping styles. The one thing common is that it is simple and graceful.

Pleated Style Drape: The “pallu” of a saree is a work of art. You may not realize, the styling of pallu can make or break the whole saree look. Pleats are the crossed design of the saree done in the front from waist down. Pleat design is a formal look of saree draping which is much loved as a classic saree look. These days. many pleat designs are forthcoming to ease novices. Pleated pallus are a boon for women with broad shoulders. They are versatile and very easy to manage. For the office, long days, or even dancing, a pleated-style saree is the way to go.

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If you are planning to wear a saree, and then make sure you carry all the essential utilities such as safety pins, a petticoat, blouse, and other accessories. Step 1: Start by putting on your blouse and petticoat. Step 2: Tuck in the saree firmly in the petticoat and adjust it according to your requirements. Step 3: After that, figure out the fall and twist the saree Step 4: Twist the saree around your waist and adjust the pallu sincerely. Step 5: Make pleats or keep it open as per your choice.

Apart from all the styles, the traditional way is the best way to style your saree to enhance your beauty.
To look attractive in a saree, always remember to style your saree with the perfect blouse designs. A blouse pattern is the only enhancing factor to make your look complete and gorgeout.

To hide your tummy to a good extent, pin the bigger pleats on your shoulder which is the best trick. And to keep the pleat secure, pin the pleats to your saree pailu at the front and side of the blouse too.


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